2012-01-06 / Letters

Humane services

To the editor:

I am permanently disabled because of multiple sclerosis.

During the past five years or so, I have become more vocal in expressing my thoughts regarding the level of care that elderly and low income citizens with chronic diseases require to remain in their homes — which is clearly both what folks prefer and the most cost-effective course.

When I learned about the LePage administration’s plan to cut funding to MaineCare, I reached out to friends and neighbors and encouraged them to make their views known.

The response has been overwhelming. Neighbors and friends throughout southern Maine have signed on to a petition urging that our state government take a more reasoned approach to closing the Department of Health and Human Services $220 million revenue gap.

This grassroots petition, signed by approximately 7,500 Mainers, includes personal stories that are poignant and compelling. I hope that this public outpouring of opposition can be used by committed state legislators to forestall draconian cuts proposed by Gov. LePage.

I have often heard it quoted that “the measure of a society is how it treats the elderly, the infirm and the young.” That sentiment seems particularly apt in the current environment.

I believe that our government must find a way to meet its fiscal obligations without harming the most vulnerable among us. Failure to do so will lead to calamitous results — in both economic and human terms.

Susan Linet, Freeport


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