2012-01-10 / Letters

Our loss

To the editor:

I believe the expression goes that things come in threes. For our sake, I hope it stops there, as we have lost three remarkable men in the Mid-coast area in the past few weeks.

William Carter, Mitch Lewis and John Ackley each left this life recently, but only after leaving it just a little bit better and a lot safer for the rest of us.

I had the honor of knowing all three and working with two of them. All three were retired law enforcement officers who served their communities and their country with honor and dignity.

All three were men of character, integrity and represented the law enforcement profession to the highest standards.

Each brought a unique skill set to the profession that continues today through the many officers who were fortunate enough to have worked along side and were positively impacted by them. With more than 75 years of combined law enforcement experience between them their legacy will remain intact by those same officers.

Farewell my friends. You will be missed.

Steven Edmondson,


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