2012-02-20 / News

Missed court date prompts arrest in copper caper

BY DARREN FISHELL Times Record Staff

FREEPORT — A Freeport man suspected of stealing more than $3,000 in copper fittings and piping from a home construction site in December was arrested Feb. 10 after failing to appear in a Cumberland County court.

Linwood Maynard Grover III, 31, of 57 Litchfield Road was charged after he failed to appear on charges related to a burglary reported on Oct. 3 at a home under construction on Newfield Road, according to Freeport Police Lt. Susan Nourse.

In mid-December, Grover was indicted on one Class C burglary charge, one Class C theft charge, and one Class E charge for violating a condition of release.

Following Grover’s indictment, Freeport Detective Gino Bianchini said that police matched copper fittings taken from the construction site to scrap metal that was sold to a Freeport junkyard. The receipt for the sale indicated that Grover had brought in the copper fittings, Bianchini said at the time.

A Cumberland County Jail official confirmed Friday that Grover has been released, but further details on the bail amount and date of Grover’s release were not available at press time.



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