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Brunswick Dems nominate Daughtry for District 66 race

BY BETH BROGAN / The Times Record

BRUNSWIC — About 35 Brunswick Democrats unanimously chose Matthea Daughtry to run for the District 66 seat in the House of Representatives, replacing Alex Cornell du Houx as the Democratic candidate on the November ballot.

Daughtry, a lifelong Brunswick resident and graduate of Smith College, was nominated by Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, D-Brunswick, who said Daughtry “believes in all the Democratic Party values and is going to be able to take those values up to Augusta … she’s going to be a dynamo and she knows where her feet are planted.”

“This town means so much to me … this town is amazing,” Daughtry said, accepting the nomination at the caucus at Curtis Memorial Library. She added, “For everything I love about Brunswick, I’m scared. I worked in Augusta … if we want to keep Brunswick the way it is, we need to fight back. There is a lot of good in the Legislature … but there is a lot of bad … I want to fight to keep Brunswick vibrant in the future. I want to make it great for all ages. I want to have my friends come back and raise their children here.”

No mention was made on Saturday of current District 66 Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx, a Democrat who late last month ended his bid to retain his seat after a troubled relationship with Belfast Rep. Erin Herbig ended in a settlement agreement barring the two-term Brunswick representative from seeking re-election.

Gerzofsky said prior to the caucus that Cornell du Houx “wasn’t invited.”

“He understands that he is not running for office,” Gerzofsky said.

Charlie Priest, who represents District 63 including part of Brunswick, said Daughtry faces “a tough race.

Her opponents include Green Independent candidate Fred Horch, who last week was nominated by his party to replace David Frans — who withdrew after the June primary — on the ballot.

Horch “is very attractive to a lot of people,” Priest told Democrats Saturday. “What (Horch) doesn’t realize is … an independent is all by themselves (in Augusta) and has a very difficult time getting things done.”

The Brunswick Republican Committee was scheduled to caucus Thursday evening to nominate a candidate to replace John Bouchard Matthew Mower.

Jonathan Crimmins, Chairman of the Brunswick Republican Town Committee, did not return phone calls to The Times Record seeking the name of the replacement candidate.

“She’s the best candidate for the position, and we’re going to unite behind her and get her elected no matter who the Republicans or the Greens want to bring up against us,” Andy Cashman, chairman of the Brunswick Demcoratic Committee, said of Daughtry.

Cashman said that having three new candidates on the ballot “blows the race wide open.”


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