2012-08-27 / People Plus Pulse

Teen Center offers eye-opening lesson for Jonesport teen

BY KRIS KELLEY Upward Bound student

My time at the Brunswick Teen Center has been nothing short of a new experience. I came into the center without an ounce of knowledge as to what the teens would be like, what kind of things they would be into. I was nervous, to be honest, as to if I would be of any help to the center.

Two weeks into my time, I have been able to learn about some of the multifaceted teenagers. The general consensus is that video games are awesome. I’m not much of a ‘gamer’ myself, but I have serious respect for those that are. The teens are particularly good at “Call of Duty” and “Modern Warfare,” games that require a lot of tactic and strategy.

Jonesport, where I am from, is much more quaint than Brunswick. The “teen” population is less than a hundred. There is always something to do for everyone. Here, though, there are more teens than things to do. I did not grow up in a community with a teen center, and didn’t really understand what its true purpose might be, until now.

Though my time at the center has been short, and I may not directly impact any of the teens, I know that the center is a wonderful thing for them. It’s an opportunity to build onto friendships, acquire and improve life skills, and most importantly, be safe. I did not realize until recently what life is like for the teen population in a more populous area than little Jonesport. People grow up at much younger ages, and that is scary. Teens are at a vital turning in their lives and it is really important for them to strengthen and build necessary life skills.

The Teen Center is a fun place to attend. Teens can engage in conversation, improve gaming strategies and play long games of pool. While the teens find these things fascinating, I see how they are actually learning and growing as individuals. Conversation is a great way to engage the mind in critical thinking and problem solving, as does gaming.

The strategies are intricate and require much thought. A classic game of billiards involves physics, mathematics and can be a tricky game of luck. The teens see great fun, and I see ways for them to have fun and learn new things that can be useful later on in life.

Like I said, I’ve only been at the Teen Center for two weeks, but the teens have taught me a lot about life in this area, about how to have fun and learn, and about how to interact on a different level. I’m excited for what my next few weeks at the center will be like.

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