2012-10-10 / World

Earthquake rattles Montreal region

MONTREAL (AP) — An earthquake rattled the Montreal region early today, waking up some people but causing no injuries or serious damage.

The magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck shortly after midnight and was centered about 23 miles southeast of Montreal, said Natural Resources Canada seismologist Allison Bent in Ottawa.

The quake caused some buildings to rumble for a few seconds, sending people scurrying briefly from their houses.

Bent said any serious damage was unlikely.

“Based on the size of the earthquake, I wouldn’t expect there would be any,” Bent said. “It is possible it’s big enough (to) have shaken objects off tables or it’s possible there’s a little bit of damage.”

Bent said there were reports that a few people in the Ottawa area felt the quake as well as residents of the Montreal region.

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