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Topsham looks at housing, retail projects Tuesday

Agren Appliance could get final approval after hearing
BY DARCIE MOORE, Times Record Staff


A proposed 47-lot single-family home subdivision and a two-story appliance store to be located on Mallett Drive, are up for public hearings Tuesday before the Planning Board.

The final subdivision application has been submitted by Mallett Woods LLC and proposes a 47-lot single-family, open space subdivision located on a narrow parcel of wooded land between Park and Mallett drives.

The first of the four planned phases would consist of construction of 11 units. The Planning Board has granted preliminary approval on the project, but with some outstanding issues like a pending storm water permit, Town Planner Rich Roedner said he doesn’t believe the board will take a vote on final approval Tuesday.

The Planning Board will open a second public hearing to address a subdivision amendment application that seeks to create a right of way from 94 Park Drive to the proposed Mallett Woods Subdivision.

A third public hearing will address the site plan application submitted by Agren Appliance for construction of an approximately 13,000-square-foot, two-story retail building at 78 Mallett Drive. The parcel is located off Route 196 opposite the Rite-Aid.

Architectural plans for the building utilize a tower element and windows around two sides.

Roedner said it is possible the board will grant final approval Tuesday on the site plan for Agren Appliance.

The applicant has submitted a traffic report as requested by the board. To address a line-of-sight concern, as suggested by a board member, the plan now proposes a second drive entering Monument Place from Agren Appliance be a right-turn only egress toward Topsham Fair Mall.

The Planning Board is also expected to consider proposed rezoning for an area of land on the west side of Route 201 opposite Rymat Road, located next to the Cathance River and Central Maine Power lines. There is a request from a property owner to rezone five lots from Residential 3 to Rural Commercial Uses, which allows limited and low-intensity commercial uses while still allowing residential units.

This agenda item was tabled at the board’s March 26 meeting after the board voted 3-3 to send the proposed rezoning to Town Meeting in May.

Two workshops are scheduled, time-allowing, at the end of the Planning Board meeting. The board will discuss food processing as a potential new use in town, and address school as a use in the Main Street Residential zone. Mt. Ararat high and middle schools are located in this zone, where schools are currently a prohibited use. Roedner said when this new zone was created, some last minute changes to the zoning map didn’t extend to the corresponding land use regulations table, resulting in schools left unintentionally barred as a permitted use.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at the municipal building located at 100 Main St.

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