2013-04-01 / News

Mysterious places chronicled online

SALLY LOBKOWICZ SALLY LOBKOWICZ Lincoln County entrepreneur Sally Lobkowicz has opened an online publication: Mysterious Destinations magazine. The premier issue went live today at http://mysteriousdestinationsmagazine.com.

The publication “will allow our readers to explore mysterious destinat ions throughout North America and the Caribbean,” said Lobkowicz, of Waldoboro. “Coverage of these mysteries will be from a purely journalistic angle. We want to present the facts and let our readers come up with their own conclusions.”

The 2013 issues will include places in seven U.S. states and three Caribbean islands, covering more than 20 destinations including locations in Damariscotta, Pemaquid, Boothbay, Bath and Camden.

For more information, call 380-4677 or email mysteriousdestinationsmagazine@gmail.com.

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