2013-09-20 / Ticket

Eveningstar Cinema approaches crowd-funding goal

BRUNSWICK — Barry Norman cheered when the Saco Drive-In reached its goal and was one of the five winners in the Honda contest for a new digital projection system for drive-ins.

“I understood completely why people wanted to keep the drive-in open,” he said. “But small privately owned cinemas need support, too.”

Norman runs Eveningstar Cinema in Brunswick, which offers films that the multiplexes often don’t bother with — art films, small-budget and independent movies that may have more limited appeal than studio blockbusters, and film festivals that feature local or international films.

Norman started a crowd-funding appeal through www.seedandspark.com/studio/eve ningstar-cinema, and as of today, Eveningstar will have 10 days to reach its goal of $46,000. On Wednesday, the cinema still needed pledges of about $17,000.

“We appreciate all the support we’ve received so far,” he said. “We just have a few days to go, and now that Saco Drive-In will continue, we hope people will consider turning their attention to Eveningstar.”

Norman says that once the digital projector crisis is solved, Eveningstar will concentrate on plans to expand to more screens, which will include creating an international film festival.

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