2014-01-08 / News

Santa Claus Fund lit up faces on Christmas

BY ALICIA KAY Special to The Times Record

Although Christmas is past, donations for the Santa Claus Fund keep coming. We are grateful for another successful drive that lit up young faces on Christmas.

We thank Brunswick Diner for a $25 gift card; Agren Appliance for a $40 card; Brunswick Junior High Bailey Team for new games and toys valuing $200; Harry Swan for $20; Smith-Tobey Legion Post 21 for $100; June Hallowell for $10; Emily and Ben Swan for $30; Dan and Judy Briggs for $25; Rachel and Merle Gott for $50; Geraldine Perry for $25; Grace Jones for $100 in memory of Edward Jones; M. Sandock and J. Brokaw for $50; Harry C. Crooker for $1,250; and Schaedler Concrete for $100.

Thank you also to Margaret McCann for 300 pair of mittens; Lori Watson for children’s books; Gwen Alexander for 25 hats and scarves in memory of Linda Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Jones and Glen Howard; a box of assorted toys from Rogers Ace Hardware and one from Crossfit 321; Pleasant Street Dental for 214 toothbrushes and 348 tubes of toothpaste; 40 pairs of knitted mittens from Just Caouete in memory of Edith Tourtelotte; books and toys from B & B Locksmiths; Gilbert and Carol Schneiduild for $75; Lucy Hodgdon for $50 in memory of Clarence Hodgdon.

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Michaud, George and Davey Michaud, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Cote, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Berner, $25 from the Michaud family; Dante DiEdwardo gave $25 remembering Susan DiEdwardo; Pete and Jody Labbe gave $100 in memory of son Alex; $50 from BHS class of ’57; Stanley and Priscilla Johnson gave $25 in memory of Aron A. Johnson; $50 from Eaton Trap Co; Alfred and John Fuchs gave $50; Susan and John Fitzgerald gave $50; Walton and Joan Phillips gave $50; and $50 from Ted and Vicki Bode. Mark Durgon donated toys.

Anonymous gave $100 in memory of Priscilla Montgomery; Wallace Pinfold, $100; Patricia and Raymond Bergeron, $50 in memory of Winifred Gott; Deborah Smith, $100 in memory of parents William and Florence Cossette; Elsie and Stephen Vonsavage, $15; Daniel and Diane Dorion, $750; Gerard and Patricia Bouchard, $50; and Reny’s gave $1,000.

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