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Do the roads seem worse this year compared to other winters?  It’s not your imagination. It’s been a rough winter so far, and the roads have taken the brunt of some wild early winter weather.  More...


Time runs short for Cutler


The brief but intense quarrel over Equality Maine’s endorsement for governor says a lot about the election 10 months off, but even more about the candidate who wasn’t endorsed — Eliot Cutler.  More...


Moose steady here; N.H. numbers down

PORTLAND   Maine’s moose population remains strong while New Hampshire’s is waning.  Both states are using GPS monitoring collars to track and study their moose populations.  Lee Kantar — Maine’s moose biologis More...


President’s recess appointment power at high court

WASHINGTON   President Barack Obama and Senate Republicans are squaring off at the Supreme Court over the president’s power to temporarily fill high-level positions.  More...