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Collins-Bellows a race? Nice try

To the Editor:

Nice try, but your editorial, “Collins vs. Bellows. It’s a race” (Feb. 4, Page A6) is so riddled with factual errors and blatant disregard for reality I almost thought I was reading a fairy tale.

Despite Bellows’s campaign’s claim, most of her funds were not small-dollar donations of $100 or less. A simple review of her report reveals more than 80 percent of her money came from 265 people who donated more than $1,000.

Those certainly aren’t “small dollars,” and they aren’t all from Mainers, as you’d like us to believe.

Bellows formally entered the race in early October, not late October. She filed paperwork with the Secretary of State on Oct. 7 and, in fact, recorded her first donation — from herself — on Oct. 1. By Oct. 23, when she publicly stated she was running against Susan Collins, she had already received 56 donations from big-money contributors.

Where was Collins during this time? If you had asked, you might be surprised to learn that Collins canceled all fundraising events for most of the month of October because she was actually busy doing her job — leading an effort to end the government shutdown. Her extraordinary effort was recognized and lauded across the country, in national newspapers and on television.

You are correct, however, that voters are watching and listening. And Senator Collins, like she has in every race she has ever run, will work hard to earn each and every vote.

If Bellows is “gaining traction,” she has a long way to go. The last public poll I saw shows Susan Collins with a huge lead among Republicans, independents and Democrats.

She doesn’t have to embellish that support, because she has earned it.

Jason Savage
executive director
Maine Republican Party

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