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ACA lowers uninsured rate. Surprise.


The Affordable Care Act has lowered the rate of uninsured Mainers from 16.1 percent to 13.3 percent. More...


The Great Health Care Mystery


Here’s a summer mystery for you:  What if Congress passed an ambitious law that promised to change a major part of American life? What if that law set quantifiable goals? More...


Codfish numbers at key fishery hit all-time low

PORTLAND   The level of codfish spawning in one of the most critical fisheries in the Northeast U.S. is at an alltime low, putting more pressure on a fishery already dealing with declining catch and dramatic quota cuts.  More...


Los Angeles woman punched by highway patrolman speaks

LOS ANGELES   Marlene Pinnock said she thought she was going to die as a California Highway Patrol officer straddled her, repeatedly punching her head, on the side of a Los Angeles freeway.  More...