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Greek Crisis Could Threaten U.S. Jobs Gordon L. Weil


“That was Greek to me.” These words, written by Shakespeare in 1599, means something is too hard to understand.  Now, it applies to Greece itself. What’s all the fuss about and does it matter to us?  More...


Exceptionalism: The Republic of Venice — Part III

Throughout its long history the Republic of Venice had many enemies. In spite of this, the little country survived for over a thousand years as empires rose and fell around it.  More...


Muriel Cushman

Muriel Henrietta Howe Cushman, 104, died on June 17, 2015, from coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure, at Hill- House Assisted Living on Whiskeag Road in Bath. More...


Greek island swamped by refugee flood; no relief in sight

MYTILENE, Greece   An inflatable dinghy touches the shore in darkness. Dozens of men, women and children jump into the shallow water, stumbling on unseen rocks as they scramble onto a narrow strip of seaweed-strewn beach.  More...


Gunman feared ‘blacks were taking over the world’

CHARLESTON, S.C.   A former friend who had reconnected with the man accused of a shooting massacre inside a historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina, said Dylann Storm Roof had become an avowed racist.  More...