2015-07-14 / Opinion

More LMF support

As most readers of The Times Record are aware, Governor LePage has refused to issue bonds approved by the legislature and by the people of Maine in 2010 and 2012. The many benefits of releasing these bonds have been well documented in these pages and elsewhere, and their release has wide support from environmental, business, farming, and sporting organizations.

The Maine Legislature passed a bill (LD 1378) requiring Governor LePage to issue these bonds. The Governor vetoed this bill on June 30, and it will come up for an override vote on July 16.

When this bill was first introduced by Roger Katz, R-Augusta, it was clear that if passed, it would be vetoed, and that an override would be necessary. Our Arrowsic legislators, State Rep. Jeffrey Pierce, R-Dresden, and State Sen. Linda Baker, R-Sagadahoc, both voted in support of this bipartisan bill and helped provide the vetoproof 2/3 majority that will be necessary for an override. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their well thought out support, and we look forward to their finishing the job when this bill is presented to the legislature for the override vote.

In supporting this bill, our representatives have told Governor LePage that he should not play politics with this important effort, and that the will of the people should be heard.

Ralph Pope,

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