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September 17, 2015 RSS feed / Opinion


No Choice But To Trust

Government should use social media — e.g., Facebook, Twitter — in order to engage with the public, openly and frankly. More...


I never met anybody who said when they More...

Handicapping A Wide Open Dark Horse Race

Republican presidential candidates have finally stopped multiplying, for the moment, and Rick Perry has finally displayed some reasoned leadership by bowing out of further public embarrassment, but who knows who might step forward to fill that void. More...

Political Cartoon

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The Biden Formation Story


Last month I wrote that Joe Biden should not run for president this year. More...


Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for More...

Tea Party vs. Planned Parenthood

The Tea Party is threatening another government shutdown unless the Republican Party defunds Planned Parenthood. Their goal is to take away the right of abortion in this country. They have already made great headway. More...

Criticism of Greens Insulting

As a member of the Maine Green Independent Party, I find Douglas Rooks’ insinuation that we don’t deserve the votes that we have earned in partisan races, to be misleading and a bit insulting. More...

How to Measure a College’s Value

We know all too well which colleges are the hardest to get into. More...

Where Do These Destroyers Go?

Do people in our community ever stop and wonder where the Navy destroyers actually go when they leave BIW? Do we wonder how they impact people’s lives where they are ported and what environmental footprint they leave?  More...


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Political Cartoon

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Hillary Clinton’s Sorry State


“Sorry seems to be the hardest word,” noted Elton John.  Last week, Hillary Clinton told the Associated Press there was no need to say "sorry" about her email set-up while Secretary of State. More...

We Want To Help Female Veterans

Paul Loveless, VSO at the Mid- Coast Veterans Resource Center at Brunswick Landing, and I had a conversation about female veterans and how they are being treated. More...

Thank You From St. Philp’s

The St. Philip’s Help Yourself Shelf Food Pantry volunteers wish to extend gratitude to those who contribute to its mission of offering provisions for the food insecure seeking our aid. More...

Thank you from Bath- Tsugaru Exchange Program

Every summer, a group of students and adults from the Bath area travel to Japan to visit our Sister City, Tsugaru City, in northern Japan. There, the travelers stay with local host families and tour extensively. More...

There He Goes Again


Gov. Paul LePage has a bad habit of drawing innocent bystanders into his line of fire. More...

Political Cartoon

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Huckabee Plays the Fool


Watching Republicans on TV is getting more painful by the week.  And believe it or not, my pain has nothing to do with the successful candidacy of Donald Trump.  The pain started Tuesday, when, joining a few score of my fellow Americans, I More...