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‘Barber of Seville’ brings romantic schemes to the stage

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“BARBER OF SEVILLE” runs through Aug. 21 at Theater at Monmouth. 

The Theater at Monmouth recently began its production of “ Barber of Seville,” a classic work by playwright Pierre Beaumarchais, and it is not one to be missed.

The play centers on Count Almaviva ( Tim Kopacz) who arrives in Seville seeking the love of a young woman named Rosina (Kelsey Burke). Unfortunately things won’t be easy for The Count with Rosina trapped in the house of her guardian, Doctor Bartolo (Bill Van Horn).

Acquiring the assistance of the doctor’s barber Figaro ( Lucas Calzada) as well as utilizing a number of disguises and on-the-fly schemes, Count Almaviva seeks to bring himself and Rosina together and potentially make their blossoming romance something more.

Matthew Arbour directs this well- paced production, which includes beautifully crafted set design by Michael Reidy. From the flowers placed above the stage, which tie into the romantic elements of the story, to the prison-like bars that reside in the home of Bartolo, each design choice perfectly befits the play. Superb period costume design by Christine McDowell also helps each of the play’s characters visually stand out from one another, as well as add to their colorful personalities.

Along with the production elements, the talented cast use well timed humor, a song or two and their natural chemistry to create distinctively memorable scenes.

Tim Kopacz does some fantastic character work differentiating Count Almaviva’s various disguises, whether it be a drunken soldier or a music instructor, with hilarious results; Bill Van Horn shines as the short-tempered Bartolo;

Lucas Calzada commands the audience’s attention as the quick- thinking Figaro; Chris White infectiously seems to be having a blast playing the greedy and over- the- top Bazille; and Burke is an absolute scene stealer as Rosina, who infuses her character with such tenacity and wit making her a joy to watch whenever she steps on stage.

With excellent pacing, design and performances, Theater at Monmouth’s production of “Barber of Seville” provides a fun and memorable time at the theater you’ll want to see as soon as possible.

“ Barber of Seville” runs through Aug. 21. For more information on this production and others, including show times and ticket purchasing, visit theateratmonmouth.org.

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