2016-07-27 / Opinion


The System was Rigged

Sen. Bernie Sanders, D-Vermont, was totally right, the system was rigged.

The Democratic National Committee sent an estimated 13,000 emails to Democratic workers spreading falsehoods to Sen. Sanders’ good name. I am not a supporter of the senator but when slander is openly sent from the DNC, a national party that should remain neutral, it is indeed fixed. A giant red flag should wave as to what we as a society have become. The chairperson instantly resigned in the wake of the scandal that will fall right into the lap of Hillary Rodham Clinton adding to her dismal ethics lifetime record. This with Whitewater, cattle futures, Vince Foster, Benghazi and her own missing e-mails have her caring more baggage than the Titanic. Our only hope is that this campaign meets the same fate.

Bernie Sanders is totally right. The system was rigged.

David S. Kaler


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