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Fishermen’s association to work with Harpswell’s fishing community

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The Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association will be working throughout the coming year to identify gaps and concerns brought forward by the fishing community within Harpswell. From waterfront and permit access to bait and healthcare, Program Associate Kendra Jo Grindle will be speaking with fishermen, community members, and fisheries support personnel throughout Harpswell.

“Our number one concern, as a fishermen’s organization, is that the fishermen are heard,” said MCFA Executive Director, Ben Martens. “We want to give those within the fishing community an opportunity to discuss what they identify as needs, and what they believe can be done to benefit and protect the community’s fishing heritage. We want to have a vibrant fishing community and that means building stability and resiliency within our fisheries. What’s missing right now? Hopefully this project will identify the gaps to be filled to create stronger marine business in Harpswell.”

This project will create open source data that will be available to fishermen, the town, and other organizations with the ability to provide much needed resources as identified by the community. Information will be gathered through interviews and community forums. A final report will be presented in November 2017 to the community of Harpswell and will be accessible in an online format through MCFA’s website.

Funding for this project comes from Holbrook Community Foundation.

“The mission of the Holbrook Community Foundation is to provide for the longterm protection of the coastal heritage of Harpswell by preserving Holbrook’s working waterfront and by supporting education and knowledge about our marine environment for the benefit of the local community,” said HCF Board President Greg Barmore. “We, at HCF, are pleased to support this needs assessment project, and we anticipate that it will facilitate MCFA’s and HCF’s future efforts to develop programs to benefit commercial fishing in Harpswell.”

MCFA is looking to connect with anyone working within the fishing community in Harpswell. If you would like to speak to Kendra Jo about this project or would like to suggest a person who should be interviewed for this project, please call Kendra Jo Grindle at (207) 619-1129 or email your contact information to kendrajo@mainecoastfishermen.org.

The Maine Coast Fishermen's Association is an industry-based non-profit that identifies and fosters ways to restore the fisheries of the Gulf of Maine and sustain Maine's fishing communities for future generations. MCFA is located at 14 Maine Street, Brunswick.

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