2017-01-11 / Opinion


First Steps Toward Understanding

Are you wondering how someone could possibly have voted for Donald Trump? Are you wondering why people continue to support Obamacare? Why are guns so important to some people? And why is recycling so important to some people? Are you confused and frustrated about why we are so politically divided?

It’s clear that we are. And as long as we are, let’s at least understand why. Let’s at least understand where each other is coming from. We may have different views but we are all in this together. If we have any hope of avoiding escalated conflict among ourselves, let’s at least understand each other.

That’s the idea behind this Saturday’s Make Shift Coffee House. At the Brunswick Public Library, it starts at 6:30 p.m. and the whole purpose is to understand each other’s political views. And hang out. There will be live music and good food. And there will be some lively conversation. Learn all about it at www.MakeShiftCoffeeHouse.com.

Especially in this digital age it’s easy to choose our sources of information and reinforce what we already believe. It’s easy to build opinions in isolation, each of us interacting with our own computer screen. It’s easy to avoid talking face-to-face. The Make Shift Coffee House is a face-to-face place, in real time, with good old fashioned civic dialogue.

So come along and share your views. Listen to the views of others. Invite your friends. And your adversaries! Hope to see you there.

Craig Freshley,

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