2017-06-19 / Maine

State awards more grants for schools working together

AUGUSTA (AP) — The state is awarding $1.5 million more in grants to school districts that are working together to reduce costs.

This comes on top of nearly

$3 million in grants that the state announced in April.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage issued an executive order this year to promote regional efforts at making education more efficient.

A Kennebec Valley project aimed at expanding science, technology, engineering and mathematics education received a $130,000 grant expected to save $1.1 million.

In Western Maine, a therapeutic education project supported by seven rural school districts received a $798,000 grant with $3.1 million in project savings.

A nearly $550,000 grant went to several charter schools such as Cornville Regional Charter School. The schools want to share budgeting, financial reporting, federal grant management, payroll and human resource functions.

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