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Another Glover, another championship trophy

Brunswick seniors stand out in title game
Times Record Staff

BRUNSWICK CAPTAINS, from left, Alek Grimes, Christian Glover, Josh Dorr and Ben Palizay pose for a photo after winning the State Class A boys lacrosse championship at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland on Saturday. The Dragons downed Scarborough, 18-17, in overtime. 
CHRISTIAN SANDLER / THE TIMES RECORD BRUNSWICK CAPTAINS, from left, Alek Grimes, Christian Glover, Josh Dorr and Ben Palizay pose for a photo after winning the State Class A boys lacrosse championship at Fitzpatrick Stadium in Portland on Saturday. The Dragons downed Scarborough, 18-17, in overtime. CHRISTIAN SANDLER / THE TIMES RECORD PORTLAND

No pressure, Aiden. You’ve already got one.

Saturday’s Class A State Championship game at Fitzpatrick Stadium was a true family affair for the Brunswick High School boys lacrosse team. Christian and Aiden Glover were on the field playing. Their older brother Cam was up in the coaching booth and their father Don was calling the shots from the sideline.

It turned out to be quite the Father’s Day weekend for pops.

Aiden and Christian combined for seven goals as the Dragons tied the game up with just 10.3 seconds left and went on to defeat Scarborough, 18-17 in overtime. It was Coach Glover’s seventh trip to the big game in the past decade and second title in three years. As a senior, Christian followed in Cam’s footsteps by winning a trophy in his final game in a Brunswick uniform.

“I’m sure he’s so pumped,” Aiden said of his dad. “It’s awesome. It’s good for Chris too, to go out really hot as a senior. Hopefully we’ll be back.”

“I think it means the world to him,” Christian said. “Seeing all his sons on the field with him, taking home a trophy like that. That was definitely very special.”

Coach, having now won a state championship with three sons, couldn’t agree more.

“It’s incredible,” he said. “Cameron’s coaching with us. This is Christian’s last high school game and Aiden as a sophomore, it’s just a special moment. It’s funny because a lot of my friends are coaches with children that play for them and we all just constantly reflect and say ‘wow, those are the moments that you remember the most.’

“You remember teams, but when the teams are splattered with your kids in the roster, it means that much more.”

The Glovers

Christian, like many of his friends and 12 other seniors on the team, got their start early. Many of them played youth lacrosse together and have been on the same team(s) for years.

Coach Glover has been around or coached many of those squads and as far as lacrosse goes, these seniors have grown up in the Glover family.

“They have a such a good lacrosse IQ,” said senior Josh Dorr, who scored the game-winning goal on Saturday. “And he (coach) knows so many people, so he can help out any of us. It goes way past high school. He reaches out, he talks to a bunch of people. He’s been around the game his whole life, so he knows what we need to do to get better.”

“They’re talented people, they’re talented lacrosse players,” senior Alek Grimes said. “They’re just a great group of people. Very easy to work with them, very fun to be around.”

For Grimes, who suffered a season-ending injury at tryouts, it goes beyond that. He very easily could have walked away from the team or even the game after the setback, but he decided to stick around and serve as a figure on the sidelines for all 16 games. His coach had a lot to do with that.

“I’ve had him as a teacher, I’ve had him as a lacrosse coach for two years now,” Grimes said. “He’s been more than a teacher or a coach, he’s been a mentor to me. He’s the type of man that leads a long-lasting impact on your life.”

That’s why Saturday, with coach Glover leaping into a pile of his players with the trophy, was a pitch-perfect ending.

The seniors

Aiden, who also dished out a pair of assists in Saturday’s win, has been a focal point of the offense all season. He scored a game-high five goals in the Class A North Regional final against Lewiston and has piled on assists from behind the cage all year.

Most of the other key Dragons, though, are seniors. Seniors like Christian, Dorr, Ben Palizay and Aaron Carlton that played in last year’s crushing 18-10 title-game loss to the Red Storm and have grown immensely from it.

“Two years ago we had a class with Cam Glover and all of them that kind of led us here,” Dorr said. “This year, our seniors, that’s exactly what we had in mind. Although we’re not all just lacrosse players, this was kind of important for us — our last high school season ever. We definitely wanted to end on a good note and I’d say we did just that.”

“I think playing in four state championships like we have, you can take it for granted,” Christian said. “After last year, with that sour taste in our mouth, I think we set the goal early. All season we worked hard and we just wanted to win and refused to lose tonight.”

In the rematch, it was the same group, one year older and one year better, that made all the difference. Christian took the ball away from Scarborough ace Sam Neugebauer in overtime and gave his team the final possession that led to the win. Dorr finished off Aiden’s pass that won it all. Carlton and Sullivan Boyd guarded the cage and played relentless defense for almost an hour. Palizay wreaked havoc up front.

The seniors were the fabric of the team all season and came up big on the biggest stage. Just ask Scarborough coach Joe Hezlep.

“ Christian and Aiden have been great,” Hezlep said. “Aiden matured a lot. He puts a lot of pressure on a defense. The real difference is Palizay (Ben) and Dorr (Josh). Last year, they were as big and strong as they are, but this year they were dodging cleaner, they were downhill, their shots were on net. I think that ended up being the real difference.”

On this team, a team that didn’t lose, all the seniors had a vital role. That includes Grimes, who never even saw the field.

“I’ve never really looked at it as a hamper,” Grimes said. “I’ve just seen it as a different way for me to be a part of the team. It’s been difficult — at some points I’ve definitely gotten down on myself. There’s been obstacles and it’s been certainly an enlightening experience.”

With Aiden back for two more years and other key pieces like midfielder Henry Doherty and goalie Connor Pendergast right there with him, there may be more trips to Portland in the future. But the 2017 group may stand out in the minds of the Glovers and the senior class. It may stand out in the minds of many.

“We’re trying to leave, I would say, a dynasty,” Grimes said. “Something that other teammates can remember us by. We want other teams to live up to us and be as successful as we are for sure.”

“It’s been incredible,” Christian said. “We’ve had a few additions, but it’s a great group of guys that know what it takes to win — to do their role to have a successful season. I think that showed tonight.”

“Point blank, I just said to the group, I love them all,” Coach Glover said. “They are a special group. They’ve been with me since youth lacrosse, my son’s group of friends. It’s an extra special group, just to kind of be able to take a win at the very end of their high school career.”

Follow those footsteps, Aiden.

“Lot of pressure with this one to bring it back,” Christian joked with his brother. “Senior year, or junior year even.”

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