2017-11-08 / Maine

No L-A: Lewiston, Auburn residents reject merger

PORTLAND(AP) — Residents of Lewiston and Auburn have overwhelmingly rejected a proposed merger.

Supporters said that combining two cities into a single municipality with nearly 60,000 residents and the state's largest school system would've saved money.

The proposal needed majorities in both cities.

Residents, like their city leaders, were divided. Lewiston Mayor Robert Macdonald supported a merger, but Auburn Mayor Jonathan Labonte was opposed. Both are Republicans.

The Sun Journal reported that unofficial results showed the proposal lost 6,540 to 3,315 in Lewiston and by 6,330 to 1,202 in Auburn.

Such mergers are rare. The last time it happened was in 1922 when residents in Dover and Foxcroft voted to merge to create the town of Dover-Foxcroft.

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