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Veterans, Thank You for Your Service

Veterans’ Corner

“On this day, Veterans Day, We are Commemorating The service of Veterans of all wars.”

“We remember how Men and Women set aside their civilian pursuits to server their Nations cause, defending the Freedom of Mankind and preserving our precious American Heritage.”

“The hurts of War fall alike upon those who wear the same uniform, no matter how they differ in race, creed, and culture. Those who fight together suffer together to achieve a common aim. In the similarity of battle dress, there is a common denominator; the common purpose, the sharing of danger and suffering, which bring in time of War a tolerance which adds strength to the cause. As we put aside the Browns and Blue and Green fabrics that made us one people on the battle fields, we can hold in our minds that tolerance we have achieved. In tolerance there is progress-progress towards a better and happier world.

George T. Files Post 20

American Legion activities on Veterans Day. - Assist the Brunswick Downtown Business with activities in Brunswick Bed Race, parade ECT.

Join with the Mid-Coast Veterans Counsel and present Certificates of Appreciation for Honorable service. Present Commemorative Coins to Korea and Vietnam Veterans and Blue Star banners to families who have loved ones serving in the Military

Guest speakers Past National Commander of the American Legion Anthony Jordan and Andria Horn, Director of Veterans Services, for State of Maine will assist with the Awards Presentations.

Post 20 Commander Joe Donahue will explain the meaning of the POW/MIA “Table for One” Ceremony for the 12 Vietnam Veterans from Maine still listed as POW/MIAs and one Brunswick Korean war Veteran still listed as Missing in Action.

A tribute to the Brunswick personnel who were killed in action in Korea and Vietnam wars will be conducted, also for those crew members of the two, VP-26 Aircraft from Brunswick Naval Air Station that was short down over South East Asia.

A Veterans Recognition ceremony will be conducted at the Horizon nursing and rehabilitation center Nov. 10 at 2 p.m.

Frequently ask Questions

Do I qualify for Veterans benefits as a National Guard or reserve member? YES, generally, all National Guard and Reserve Members qualify for some V.A benefits, Different

V.A benefits may consider different factors to determine eligibility, such as length of service, type of service (such as under title 10 or 32) wartime service, and/or service related disability. To learn more about National Guard and Reserve members go to www.ebenefits.va.gov. You’re one stop shop to learn about and how to apply for your VA benefits,

Veterans Alert

Primary care facilities provided for Maine Veteran. Community based outpatient clinics (cboc) there are 8 clinics. Bangor, Calais, Caribou, Lewiston, Lincoln, Portland Rumford, and Saco. Veterans in the Brunswick area use the Lewiston facility, for more information on how to use these facilities call Read Rich or Paul Loveless at the Veterans Recourse Center 207-4064103

Emergency preparedness

1. Be a good neighbor, check on the well being of your neighbors, be sure that are all right, and they have what they need, medicine, food water and flash lights.

2. When you see a public safety issue report that issue to either 911 or the business phone at the police department.

3. From the Legion stand point approach the town to:

A: Determine what the Legion might be able to do to assist in an emergency;

B: Improve the communication system between the public services and members of the public.

4. Start an informational program to inform citizens of what radio stations to turn into for emergency information: What to do, where the emergency shelters are, where a person or family may go for protection, food, and or sanitary needs.

5. Check on the elderly, disabled, or disadvantaged, maybe they need a ride to pick up medicine, visit a doctor or do shopping, do they have proper heat? Maybe they just need a visit or person to talk with for reassurance that all is ok, how about cleaning their walkways from snow. Be a good neighbor, for information about heating assistance call (207) 553-5900

Post 20 Coming Events

Nov. 18th 1-3pm Membership meet and greet, a time to socialize meet old friends and make new ones, a chance to meet your post officers and find out about programs and ceremonies that are planned for the coming year, refreshments will be provided, RSVP by Nov. 14th call (207) 721-1172 or email algtfpost20@myfairpoint.net

District 8, Bath, Brunswick, Topsham, Harpswell and Phippsburg Executive meeting Nov. 12th 1 till 3pm at the Brunswick American Legion Post.

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