2017-11-15 / Business

Modern Pest worker achieves certification

BRUNSWICK — Modern Pest Services recently announced that Paul Lavallee, training manager, has been awarded certification as an Associate Certified

Entomologist (ACE) by the Entomological Society of America Certification Corporation.

To gain certification status, Lavallee must have a minimum of seven years of verifiable pest management experience, the knowledge and ability to pass a test on insect pest control, a current U.S. pesticide applicators license, and a willingness to adhere to the ACE code of ethics.

“We’re very proud of Paul’s hard work and the knowledge he gained to become certified,” said Dennis Dube, vice president of operations at Modern Pest. “It means a lot to have nationally recognized, certified experts as part of our team.”

Lavallee has been with Modern since 1998, initially as a service professional.

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