2017-12-20 / Local

Freeport PD: Teacher complaint unfounded

Times Record Staff


Freeport police say an allegation they received last month about a teacher having inappropriate contact with a student via phone was unfounded, but that an investigation is ongoing.

“The Freeport Police Department has been made aware of an allegation that there was unlawful telephonic contact between a teacher and student over the past month or so,” Lt. Nathan Goodman wrote in an email to several news outlets in late November.

It was reported the student attends Freeport High School.

Asked for an update, Goodman told The Times Record via email that the alleged criminal activity between the teacher and student was unfounded.

“We are however, looking into any other possible criminal allegations to make sure we are thorough,” Goodman said. “We received numerous complaints through third party complainants and are trying to figure out which, if any, hold merit.”

Asked to comment on the update and the additional complaints police say they’ve received, Regional School Unit 5 Superintendent Becky Foley responded: “As you know, we cannot discuss personnel issues as a matter of law; however, if there is ever an allegation of a boundary issue between an adult and students, including one of sexting, we take immediate action to investigate and to ensure the safety of the students entrusted in our care.”

She did not comment on whether or not the teacher involved in the allegation has continued teaching during the investigation.


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