2017-12-22 / Worship

Divorce: The ‘Un-Pardonable’ Sin


I know, I know. It’s not the un-pardonable sin. But it might as well be. At least by the way most Christians in the Church treat those who have been impacted by it. Whether you were the one initiating it or the one blindsided by it, as soon as people become aware of the fact that you’ve been divorced the whole situation changes in the church. People begin to try and figure out if your divorce was a “Biblical” divorce or an “un-Biblical” one. You can see it in their eyes; the blank stare, the questioning expression, the “I wonder what I should do now” look. Christians just don’t seem to know what to do with this “sin”. And why not? Aren’t we as Christians supposed to be forgiving of sinners? Isn’t that what Jesus taught us as His disciples to be? Why is it that we can forgive just about any other sin, but the sin of divorce sends us for a tumble? We make our fellow brothers and sisters who have been divorced feel like second-class Christians by our behavior and reaction to their news that they are indeed divorced. And finding out that they’ve been remarried just muddies the water even further. We begin to judge our brothers and sisters without ever even knowing the whole story. And you know what? We don’t HAVE to know the whole story! God knows the whole story! And He’s the only one who can judge us. And He’s already told us that He’s not going to judge us since He already judged us when Jesus bore all our sins on the cross. And that includes the sin of divorce! (And by the way, it’s not ALWAYS a sin!) But whether it is a sin or not… that’s up to God to decide. Our job is to love and accept everyone who names the name of Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And that includes people who have been divorced. And those who have remarried. Period. No judging. No penalizing. No condescension. Just acceptance, love and fellowship.

My name is Terry Dutton. I am one of two Pastors at Lighthouse Christian Fellowship in Lisbon, ME. Both of us have been divorced and re-married. But life goes on. And it has to. You can’t just throw the rest of your life away because it didn’t turn out the way you had originally planned. God is still God. And He still has great plans for you! We would love for you to let us help you in discovering just what those plans are! Whether you are divorced, re-married or single you won’t find any “second class” treatment at our church. You will be loved and accepted no matter what mistakes you’ve made in the past or no matter what injustices have been done to you. What you will find here is a body of believers who know how to love you like Jesus loves you. Seriously. Come and check us out on Sundays at 10:30am. Begin to dream again!

Terry Dutton is the pastor of the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship

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