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Walkouts Accomplish Nothing

I think it is very sad and dangerous for teachers and school administrators to let the students have their planned walkout. There has been so much on the news about all the crazy people out there, that all this walkout is doing is sending them an invitation saying here we are all together come get us. If I had children in school, I would definitely prohibit them from taking part.

You can have all the walkouts you want and it will not solve a single thing.

Putting our children at risk is not a way to solve this problem. If you stopped sales of all guns tomorrow, if a person wants to get a gun, they can with no problem. People are trying to close the barn door after the horses are already out. The laws have to be changed, but walking out isn’t the way to do it. Society has been electing people who were going to take care of this issue. Look how much has been done. If you really think the young students will change this by walking out of school for 17 minutes, then I have a bridge to sell you.

Dennis Richards,


Brunswick Superintendent Makes the Right Call

I want to applaud Brunswick School Superintendent Paul Perzanoski and his staff for supporting our high school students shout out against gun violence. The decision to allow our young people to walk out on March 14 at the high school is brilliant and sensitive to our high school students and their justifiable need to support strong, sensitive gun legislation on the state and federal levels. Bravo, Dr. Perzanoski for this important decision!

Robert Morrison,


Give Credit When It’s Due

This letter is being written in response to an article (or lack thereof) in last Friday’s Sports Section of The Times Record. You have two successful Morse High School alumni who coached the women’s Greely Basketball Team to a State Class A Championship the night before. To see only a two paragraph column was very disappointing to say the least. These two individuals are great role models for up and coming student/athletes. I would think The Times Record would want to promote and encourage young people from all over the Midcoast region to participate in sports and realize the lifelong lessons that can be learned from be involved in a team activity. To not give these two coaches and both Greely basketball teams credit for achieving a feat which has never been done before (two gold balls within the same school/sport within the same season) shame on you. In the future, I recommend you think twice when you decide not to publish such a significant accomplishment.

Adele Suggs,


NOTE: The Times Record covered the championship game against Brunswick, and reporter Eric Maxim interviewed Greely coach Todd Flaherty after the game. We recognize that Todd is a former Morse coach, Morse alumni and someone who played for Tom Maines and the Shipbuilders. And, Beth was a superb player at Morse as well and does a great job assisting Flaherty at Greely. Of note, we also mentioned Todd in a column that sports editor Bob Conn wrote detailing the three current coaches who played under Coach Maines.


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