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Thank You, RSU1 Voters   More...


Education is a private matter between the person More...

Today in History

Today is Friday, Nov. 17, the 321st day of 2017. More...

Political Cartoon

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U.S. Gains in World War I Now Being Lost


Americans now mark the 100th anniversary of the U.S. entry into World War I. As meaningless as that war was, it served notice that the U.S. had become a world power, rivaling the British Empire. More...

Planning Topsham’s Future

Guest Column

A month ago, the town of Topsham held a special weekend event we called “Find, Meet, Plan Your Topsham.” We invited residents to come enjoy music, conversation, food and much more — even a pop-up artisan market. More...

Merrymeeting Bay: An Oversized Bird Bath

Neither an ornithologist nor a bird watcher, I might qualify as a lowly tenderfoot birdie peeper. Observing large colorful birds like pileated woodpeckers or beautiful toucans that were prevalent during my visit to Costa Rica is very entertaining. More...

A Good Day in Boston


Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci was illegitimate, gay, left-handed, a vegetarian and, at times, a heretic? More...

Rotary Fights Hunger and Disease

Rotary’s fight to eradicate Polio worldwide is known by many. Optimism driven by focused vaccination and education programs have practically won the battle, with only eight new cases reported this year.  More...

The Price is Right

My wife couldn’t resist popping my bubble. More...


Storm Clean-up is a Daunting Task   More...

Political Cartoon

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Maine’s Young Workers Need a Training Wage

In today’s world, and especially in rural Maine, finding work without prior experience can be tough, particularly for teenagers and young adults venturing into the job market for the first time. More...

Doing Right By Our Veterans


Another Veterans Day has just passed, a day honoring those that have worn the uniforms of our armed forces. More...

The Cost of the Storm

Guest Column

Late last week I read about our most recent storm and CMP having to evaluate hefty increases to our power bills after dealing with the devastation. More...

Political Cartoon

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Non-Profit Means Big Savings


Far too often the story in Brunswick is that whatever Bowdoin College wants, Bowdoin College gets. They wanted Longfellow School and traded us the McLellan Building. More...

Nothing Sacred


I took a typewriter and trepidation about making new friends to college. “Go to a fraternity party!” my mother advised, excited to recall the formal events of her youth. More...

MRRA’s Sweetheart Deals


The bragging by the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA) in your Nov. 10 issue failed to mention that all of their so-called accomplishments have come at the expense of the Brunswick and Maine taxpayer. More...

Political Cartoon

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